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In short:  aSuggestion is a freemium service designed for employee and customer engagement.  We enable users to shadow organizations that matter (work, play, social, etc.) and to openly offer constructive commentary.  Think online, constructive, professional and personal suggestion boxes!

A little longer:  aSuggestion is borne of the notion that there are times where we might like to share anonymous yet constructive and meaningful commentary with those organizations that matter to us most.  Most employee and customer engagement strategies today are rather limited in their reach.  These solutions tend to focus on a person in his or her capacity as an employee alone, losing sight of the bigger picture.   As a result, these tools struggle to gain significant traction by simply failing to recognize the entirety of the person.  People are not just employees.  People are not just customers.  People cannot be reduced to simple surveys and checkboxes.  People are individuals engaging in meaningful interactions throughout their lives--with each other and with the organizations that touch their lives in a meaningful way.  aSuggestion recognizes these complexities and offers a platform that spans beyond any one environment, thereby providing greater value to our end users.  

From an individual's perspective, aSuggestion is designed to elicit substantive and meaningful commentary in a safe, anonymous forum.  With anonymity, though, comes responsibility.  There are already a host of platforms that, unfortunately, permit hostile and aggressive content.  aSuggestion is decidedly different.  Our solution has been designed to draw forth constructive dialogue at all times across all organizations.  While the vast majority of our users have used the online suggestion box vehicle accordingly, on occasion an outlier has used the system for less than ideal purposes.  In these cases, users should know that the aSuggestion team is actively monitoring and moderating the platform to keep content productive and goal-oriented.  Please feel free to share your sincere and heartfelt commentary, but do so with pro-social purpose.

From an employer's perspective, challenges are complex and multifaceted.  Oftentimes, employers are skittish of anonymous commentary and for good reason.  On many other platforms, users have taken to aggressive commentary by "hiding behind the keyboard" which, at the end of the day, yields nothing positive for reader or writer.  Further, most engagement strategies on the market today fail to drive and maintain significant user adoption as interest in these siloed solutions tends to drop off over time (while the price for them does not).  Lastly, much of the engagement industry has drifted away from the true drivers of an engaged culture--relationship building and genuine concern--in favor of a competition between vendors to produce the shiniest surveys and most colorful pie charts and reports.  aSuggestion features and services directly overcome these challenges to bring about meaningful dialogue and, in turn, an open and communicative company culture.

We would invite you offer a comment or suggestion today to an organization that is meaningful to you.  Consider using this online, personal, and professional suggestion box vehicle in any of these scenarios:

- employees to employers (and back)
 - parents to schools

- patients to hospitals
- players to teams
- citizens to municipalities
- parishioners to clergy
- and more (the possibilities are as endless as your need).

aSuggestion.  Life Improved.

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About Us:
aSuggestion is a free service engineered for anonymous sharing of ideas with those organizations that matter to you most!

aSuggestion is a pro-social network designed to safely send anonymous suggestions to the right people.

Once logged in, you can shadow organizations, make and reply to suggestions and interact with our vibrant community.

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