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So you've had an idea for quite some time now related to work or some other aspect of your life.  You've discussed it with one of your peers  or with a friend and, at least as you see it, this idea would certainly make your life better (and perhaps the lives of others, too).  Maybe you haven't shared your insight up the chain for a host of reasons: timing not right, differences in personality, concern over "sticking your neck out," who knows what else might encourage silence. Now, with aSuggestion, you can safely share.  If you haven't already, visit our About Us page to understand our professional & personal suggestion boxes! 

Always remember, if you'd like your suggestions taken seriously, don't hide behind the anonymity of the site to blast your recipient. Discretion and brevity are always effective characteristics for aSuggestion posts.  

Before you author your comment, we suggest you sit back for a moment or two and think.  The site will support a 2000 character limit to help ensure that posts are concise.  At all times, consider the "suggestee" in formulating your commentary and offer constructive, genuine feedback.  

As an added bonus, aSuggestion offers a rewrite service if you're struggling in writing your suggestion or if you're concerned your words will divulge your identity.  Send a note and a team member will happily help you to craft your submission.

Happy suggesting.  

aSuggestion.  Life Improved.

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