Advice for Writers

As you've been out and about on other social platforms for feedback sites, you may have found from time to time that not every user online has the best of intentions at heart.  Maybe someone said something that bothered you, or worse, you learned the hard way that the internet can be a risky place.  Every now and again we've all come across some bad actors out there with cruel intentions in mind.  Thankfully, we're here to help change that.  If you haven't already, visit our About Us page to understand our social rooms and safe spaces for sharing ideas.
Always remember, if you'd like your possts to be enjoyed and well received, don't hide behind the anonymity of the site to blast people. The anonymity of the site is intended to help keep our users safe, not to provide a mask to hide behind.  Further, discretion and brevity are always effective characteristics for aSuggestion posts.