Advice for Readers

It's entirely possible that your first exposure to aSuggestion came through the arrival of an unexpected message in your inbox.  That's alright, there's a first time for everything.  If you haven't already, visit our About Us page to understand our professional & personal suggestion boxes!  

Please know that aSuggestion encourages authors of posts to be concise, respectful, and considerate.  Messages directed to you are not intended to ruffle feathers.  Rather, we like to believe you might encounter another perspective and, perhaps, change might follow for the betterment of everyone involved.  

Just as we've encouraged our writers, so too we encourage our receivers to pause, sit back, reflect on the comments you've received, and to respond to the merits of a suggestion.  Further, we understand that the natural tendency in receiving a suggestion from an anonymous author is to wonder or investigate the identity of the "suggester."  In the spirit of growth, save everyone some time and angst and simply let that compulsion go.  Consider that you may have never heard this feedback if the author was forced to divulge his identity.  That said, appreciate the commentary as an opportunity for improvement and respond in the spirit of collaboration.

So sit back, relax, and appreciate the messages you've received.  Sooner or later, you may be the writer sending along a similar message; use this occasion to show your community the "you" you'd like them to see.  

aSuggestion.  Life Improved.  

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