Glossary of Key Terms and Functionality:


The alias is the most important of all aSuggestion features. This is the fictional name you assign to yourself as the user. This is the only name that will appear on any suggestions offered through this service, all other personal information remains hidden to everyone but yourself. We recommend changing your alias regularly so as to keep your true identity secret.


Through aSuggestion, you can Shadow (follow, observe, track, monitor, etc.) various organizations of interest including your place of employment, church, schools, groups, organizations, and others. If the organization of interest is not already registered in the system, please build out the profile, offer suggestions as you see fit, and Shadow away !

Shadow Screen:

The Shadow Screen is the primary screen for monitoring the day to day activity of organizations you select to Shadow.


Should you find that someone has offered a suggestion which is inappropriate for one reason or another, use the Report button to notify aSuggestion staff—and we’ll do the rest.

Organization Bank:

The organizations that you choose to Shadow are listed here. Click any one of them to see the suggestions offered to that organization alone, or click All to see them listed from newest to oldest.

Direct Send:

Direct Send offers the ability to send a message directly to one individual and that individual alone. These messages will appear on the Shadow Screen for other users to see as well. For example, you (as an employee) want to send a message to your boss, and you want your suggestion viewable by all.

Private Send:

Private Send enables you to send a message directly to one individual and that individual alone. These messages will not appear on the Shadow Screen for other users to see. Private Send is a very useful feature should you (as a user) want to send a message that is incredibly sensitive, but you don’t want the world to know about it.

Campaign Send:

Campaign Sends are a unique feature to aSuggestion which enable you to create a message that you might like to send to an individual, such as your boss. Before you send this message to your boss, however, you can campaign your idea with your colleagues to have them chime in on your suggestion before the message is delivered to the intended individual, in this case, your boss. You have the ability to delay the send to a specific date and time or to delay the send once you have reached some number of additional comments from your colleagues—you decide.

My Two Cents:

If you see a suggestion thread on your Shadow Screen upon which you’d like to comment, but you don’t feel the need to send it along to anyone else, select My Two Cents…that’s how you do it.

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