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The Backstory - aSuggestion for Wellness & Care:
Understanding that aSuggestion is a platform designed to draw forth meaningfully moderated anonymous commentary from employees and customers alike, it happens that one afternoon recently, aSuggestion leadership sought out a conversation with the directors of a mental and behavioral health program.  While there is obviously interest in gathering and sharing feedback across staff and management, their team saw the platform in another light.  This same moderated and anonymous communication vehicle can extend to their service recipients and family members just as easily as it does their staff.  
Leveraging the moderated commentary model, in this case, the moderators of commentary are not aSuggestion HR consulting partners interacting with employees and staff, rather, the social workers and caregivers are the moderators helping to manage and moderate conversations across their population of individuals with intellectual or other developmental disabilities (I/DD) as well as individuals living with mental or behavioral health challenges.  
Thus, aSuggestion for Wellness & Care was born.  aSuggestion offers a unique combination of features and services that allows for caregivers of any kind (social workers, nurses, care managers, providers, therapists, etc.) to manage and moderate healthy group discussions in an anonymous, secure, and private manner with the individuals they serve (patients, clients, family, service recipients, etc.).  In this case, program staff moderates conversations across their population of program participants and their families providing safe spaces to learn new skills, opportunities to cultivate relationships, appropriate mentoring, and reduced isolation.  Very key - discrete data from the platform can be collected to substantiate billable services to payers.

The versatility of the aSuggestion platform allows for unique and compelling moderated dialogue across a host of care settings.  Consider using aSuggestion across:

-  Social workers and mental/behavioral health or I/DD clientele
Social workers and foster children and families
-  Nurses and home health patients
-  Support counselors and substance abuse sufferers
To view a five minute platform summary, play the video below here or click the YouTube link to view the presentation in full screen mode on your device.
The use cases are as limitless as your imagination.  Contact Us to learn how we can help generate additional value streams while you better engage your patients and service recipients.
aSuggestion.  Life Improved.

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