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Many organizations today struggle with ways to best engage their employees.  If employee engagement strategies are near and dear to your heart, we'd encourage you to explore aSuggestion.  If you haven't already, visit our About Us page to understand our professional & personal suggestion boxes! 

Considering the personal and professional nature of our platform, we often encourage our clients to think about this solution -- an online suggestion box vehicle -- in this way:  Imagine hanging two physical suggestion boxes on the wall, one inside the front door and another outside the front door.  The box on the inside is intended for employee feedback while the box on the outside is intended for consumer feedback.  Through this one communication platform, businesses gather substantive feedback from both internal and external "customers."

While customer feedback is invaluable, we tend to position aSuggestion as an employee engagement solution first and foremost.  In light of this focus, there are three key components to the solution worth consideration as they help to overcome the shortcomings of the established employee engagement market today.   

Anonymous, Yet Constructive and Moderated Commentary:
While we invite our users to offer commentary anonymously, we ask that they do so with a purpose.  Those users looking for a forum to light fires and throw hand grenades are welcome to do so elsewhere.  In conjunction with our human resources partners, the aSuggestion team actively moderates commentary across the system to ensure that the dialogue is largely productive and goal-oriented. It is this moderation of commentary that resonates and reflects the expectations of the HR leaders we engage.  In our experience, business leadership tends to be more receptive to the notion of anonymous commentary when they know that that commentary is meaningful, productive, and moderated.

Personal & Professional Utility in the Platform:
Most employee engagement practices, tools, and strategies center around satisfaction surveys, 800 phone numbers, luncheons,  meetings, and an array of tools that only ever satisfy a person in their capacity as an employee.  While each of these tools offers some value in its own right, they all suffer from the same shortcoming.  From the vantage point of the individual, these solutions only offer benefit to that person at work. These solutions start and stop at the office door.  Because of this limitation, competing engagement platforms will draw some initial interest and buy-in only to see that this interest wane over time.  Through the aSuggestion delivery model, we overcome this waning effect by offering greater value to the entirety of the individual -- the whole person. 

By offering individuals a platform that they can leverage both personally and professionally, we give reason for our users to keep coming back on their own accord.  One day a user might come along and offer a comment in the online suggestion box for an organization that touches their life in a meaningful way outside of work.  The next day, that same user may come along and offer a comment in the online suggestion box for work.  This functionality provides a reason for our users to keep coming back over and over again and, as a result, the business leadership wins in the process.  

An Opensource Communication Layer Pairing Businesses with Subject Matter Experts:
Similar to rideshare applications pairing riders with drivers, aSuggestion pairs those organizations desiring to better engage their people with the subject-matter experts and HR Consultants adept in their fields. The existing employee engagement market has turned into an "arms race" between vendors as they compete with one another over aesthetic appeal.  Unfortunately, it appears many vendors have lost sight of the fact that employee engagement is a hands-on and relationship-driven endeavor.  Through aSuggestion and our network of HR Partners, we help to address this shortsightedness.  

Today we offer very "high touch" services through our Monthly Engagement Questions and Monthly Manager Coaching programs.  On a monthly (or routinely scheduled) basis, our HR partners will work directly with HR leadership to identify key areas of interest within an organization.  Our partners will work to craft suitable questions, post, deliver, and solicit feedback to these questions through the aSuggestion platform, and moderate discussions to keep them productive and goal-oriented.  We then leverage the data and feedback we've collected for ongoing training and support of mid-level managers in an effort to coach them on appropriate methods of staff interaction.  Very often these managers have not had this type of HR or "people skills" training and, as a result, the old adage holds true:  employees don't leave companies, they leave their managers.  Through these services, aSuggestion is able to offer a high touch, person-centric approach to a truly engaged team.  

There's obviously much more to share.  We invite you to explore a discussion with us on these, or any other, areas of interest you have in the employee engagement arena.  Please Contact Us to arrange a time for a free consultation.

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